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Ask me anything   A blog that tracks my (hopefully daily) progress towards a healthier lifestyle. This blog will include healthy recipes, new found exercise routines, my bicycle journeys, and a daily journal about any other adventures.
Goal #1: To lose approximately 20-25 pounds by March 30, 2011 (my birthday) - WOO DID IT!
Goal #2: Cut spending habits
Goal #3: Stay on track to a healthier lifestyle

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The Day After…

The day after we stuff our faces with food, and after we spend money on outfits to ring in the New Year we will need the help of some superfoods(!) to keep us healthy, while also saving us money!

1. Lentils and Oats: There is no need to completely take carbohydrates (like bread, rice, and noodles) out of your diet, but if you choose to, lentils and oats act as great replacements while offering lots of fiber.

2. Kale: My all time favorite leafy green! It offers a heaping amount of vitamin A and K. Although it does not agree with everyone’s palettes, there are plenty of ways to cook them!

  • Kale Chips: spray chopped kale leaves (to a size you enjoy) with some olive oil and sprinkle with sea salt, then bake for 7 minutes in 350*F. They’ll be crunchy like potato chips, but definitely healthier!
  • Pan cooked kale: a little olive oil with garlic, toss in the chopped kale and add salt and pepper to taste.
  • Sweet kale: toss kale in a hot pan with 2 teaspoons of olive oil until slightly wilted, then add honey to taste. It’s a great side with any dish, especially if you add shallots!

3. Almonds and Tea: Keep away from snacks like chips, cookies, and candy (the C3), and pick up almonds to snack on when you’re feeling peckish. Along with that, try keeping away from sugary drinks and alcohol and let your body detox with some hot or cold tea.

4. Oranges and Apples: This will add an extra serving of vitamins and fiber. Add it to salads or eat it as a snack to give you a healthy serving of sugar, as well as curbing your hunger.

5. Tuna: Canned tuna is definitely okay, especially when it is soaked in water instead of oil. It has a low mercury level and offers a heaping amount of omega - 3

6. Natural Peanut Butter: Try staying away from the additives that a lot of peanut butters have. Natural peanut butters help lower heart disease, while also saving you money!

7. Eggs: A good way to add protein and vitamin D to your meal! 

8. Carrots and Cabbage: Cheap and easy to eat vegetables that give vitamins A, C, and K!

Try switching out snacks and sides with any of these superfoods, and you’ll be starting off this new year on the healthy side! 

Good luck everyone!

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